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CLAA Petty School

"The beginning is half of the whole."


Getting our young children ready for formal studies is a simple, yet important task.  The best teachers of history tell us that education begins at birth, and that the parents determine whether that education is good or bad.  The old philosophers believed that “Youth was the time for extraordinary toil.” and when we look back through history we rarely find a great figure whose greatness did not begin in a well-ordered nursery.  Only a fool will allow exceptions to form a rule.

The masters who taught the great classical academies of the past did not neglect early education.  The “Petty School” was the place where young children were equipped with the basic learning skills that would be employed in the Grammar School.

Instruction in early reading, writing and arithmetic must be based on sound principles that flow from a true understanding of human nature and corresponding educational goals.  The classroom is no place for trial and error.  Moreover, the lessons learned in the beginning must be useful in the end–not busy work for the early years.

 The CLAA’s Petty School program offers parents a return to simplicity.  While founded on the principles of classical education, we provide a basic introduction to each of the school readiness skills.  In a short time you will find your children reading, writing and counting rightly–and ready for the Academy.





"Youth is the time for extraordinary toil."  -Plato Monroe, NC 28112 USA | Phone:(704)441-6302